They are tiny just for a little while.
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory".
There are so many everyday moments that you don't even notice, that is until they're gone.Like the the last time you cuddle & rock them to sleep.The last time you carry them on your hip.The last time they raise their arms for "mummy cuddle".The last time they reach for your hand to cross the street.These 'last times' sneak up on you, you don't see them coming, you don't notice as they slip away.Until one day you sit & remember, realising that so many 'last times' have already gone.So capture every moment, every memory. As we never know if it will be the last time.

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Those first few months, where everything is new.A whir of visitors, cries, nappies & so many firsts.Sleepless night after sleepless night.But amidst all of the madness.There are those moments.The ones that you'll never forget.The ones that make you sigh, a sigh of pure contentment.As you breathe in your baby. Nuzzled on your chest.& you finally realise.This. This is what its all for.This. This moment is everything.They are everything.

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Your gallery will be as unique as your baby.
Some are asleep, some are kicking their legs straight up, some keep their legs curled, some wiggle their arms, some prefer to be wrapped.Because I genuinely believe your baby is perfect as they are.And I want to capture them being naturally themselves.

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The essence of newborn photos is to capture them.At their newest, their tiniest.So you can see & remember not just how they looked.But how they moved, the faces they made, the way their fingers grasped, how their feet would cross.Capturing the essence of them, naturally.Just in a beautiful way, free of distractions, so they are the entire focus.So let's keep things simple.Naturally, beautifully, simple.

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I do photograph baby asleep, but just as they are. No poses.But my favourites are always when they start to wake.When they stretch, yawn, kick, wiggle, turn & open their eyes.Capturing these movements.Which are so uniquely them.And for me it's these moments, these movements that matter most.

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