Online Mentoring with Gabriella Photography

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Mentoring sessions are charged by the hour (£300) and done via Skype.

You may select one of my images and I will show you how I edited it, from SOOC to the final image. We will also discuss my settings, lighting and the reasons for the choices I made.

I use some actions that I made myself to speed up my own workflow. You will receive a set of my own mentoring actions once our first session is complete!

We can also edit one of your own images if you wish.

For most images, we can cover an entire image within the hour.

Online Mentoring Sessions fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you need to reschedule for any reason, you may do so with at least 3 days notice, for up to 2 times.

All information discussed, given, or shared with you during the mentoring is for the mentoring attendee only and may not be discussed in part, or in its entirety, with anyone.

You may not record your screen during our Online Mentoring Session.

All materials are protected under copyright law and cannot not be distributed without the express consent of Gabriella Photography
Mentoring sessions are charged by the hour and done via Skype.

We will set a date that works for both of us as soon as this item is purchased.