beginners digital photography courses Cambridge

Beginners Digital Photography Courses

You will learn

This short beginners DSLR photography course is aimed at total beginners (mums/dads) who own a DSLR camera and want to unpack some of its amazing potential and learn how to take beautiful photos of your kids.

Getting out of auto

Taking control of your camera and learning to get that lovely blurry background.We learn about ISO,aperture and how this affect the quality of your images straight out of camera.


Learning the basic rules of composition to make your images look more professional.We discuss the rules of composition and why they are more pleasing to the eye.

Understanding light

Learning about how to deal with light indoors and outdoors,to get the most flattering photos.This section of the course will have an immediate impact on how your images look.

Getting create expressions

Learning how to get great expression from your children without saying "cheese".


Investment: £150 

2 hours of tailored training in your home (travel within 5 miles included in the price).

I look forward to helping you learn how to use your camera and create stunning images of your every day life that will complement your professional family photographs.